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          Zander &Ingeström

          Zeta’s development

          Our leading position in the world is no accident, but a natural consequence of long and dedicated work, based on our solid technical expertise and a visionary product. The engineering company Zander & Ingeström of Sweden was founded 1898, and built the first electric boilers already in the 1920’s. Customer gave the thumbs up but wanted larger sizes and higher voltage, which started the actual development of the ZETA boiler, whose international breakthrough was came in 1932 with six boilers sold to Finnish Enso. Since then we have delivered thousands of boilers, ranging from a few kW up to 160 MW.

          We are objectively the, the most qualified supplier of electric powered steam and hot water boilers. We have not only built the largest boilers, but also installed by far the most.

          Zeta’s characteristics

          Todays Zeta boiler is the fruit of long practical experience, where our products and systems have been refined close to perfection. The result is a boiler that is characterized by high reliability, extremely high effiency and low noise. The capital cost is low and need for maintenance minimal. The Zeta boiler has no emissions so winner is the environment.

          Zeta boiler in China

          Zander &Ingeström and Beijing Zeta Energy Technology Corp started to cooperate in 2009. During these year we had a great success together with a lot of installations throughout China. Zander & Ingeström can grant you that our Chinese partner will bring the worlds best electric boilers.

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